09 Maret 2018

Latihan UAS: A / An / The and Prepositions Assessment

A  / An / The and Prepositions Assessment

A.   Complete the sentences using a, an or the.

Once upon _____ (a/an) time, there was ____(a/the) little girl who liked to eat chocolate all the time.  She loved chocolate so much.  She asked her mother to buy her ____(a/an) bar of chocolate for her birthday.  Her mother bought ____(a/an) enormous bar of chocolate.  She expected the candy bar to last at least two weeks. 

____ (a/the) little girl ate all of the chocolate in one day.  That night she had ____(a/an) terrible stomach ache.  She threw up all night long.  Her mother took her to see ____(an/the) doctor in the morning.  The doctor told her not to eat any more chocolate.

B.   Complete the sentences with a preposition from the box. (Note: There may be more than one correct preposition for each sentence. There are extra prepositions in the box.)

In         on*      between         next to            beside      under        above

over                near                In front of        in back of                   across from

1.    There is an apple _____ the table.
2.    I have three gallons of milk ____ my refrigerator.
3.    Mr. and Mrs. Smith live _________ the street _____ me.
4.    The cat is sleeping_____ the bed.
5.    There is a big tree _____________ my house.
6.    The ceiling is _______ our heads.
7.    A mole builds a house ________ the ground.
8.    Jacky is sitting ____________ Phoebe.
9.    Shelly and Tom are sitting _________ Jim and Freddie.
10.  China is ______ the continent of Asia


                                                            Turn Over

C.   Fill in the blanks with the correct word. Use: a, an, over, on, in, under,

Ms. Cohen has _____ very small family.  There are only three people _____ her family.  She has two sons.  They are twins.  They all live in a three-story house.  Their bedrooms are _____ the third floor.  Arizona and Hanan have _____ bunk bed.  Arizona sleeps ____ the top bunk, and Hanan sleeps _______ Arizona.  They make a lot of noise at night.  They sound like ____ animal that’s hurt.  Ms. Cohen has to tell her sons to be quiet all the time.  

Arizona and Hanan like to play outside.  They ride their bikes _____ the street.  Ms. Cohen doesn’t have ____ bike.   Instead, Ms. Cohen likes to drive her truck.  She drives very fast.  Arizona and Hanan are afraid she will run them ______with her big truck.

 Watch out!!

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AzarGrammar.comTeacher-Created Worksheets                     Basic English Grammar 3e: Ch. 1


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