06 September 2017

Writing 1 - Tugas 3 Write a Story based on picture

After read the comic, Garfield feel bored. With his bad appetite, Garfield was hungry again and again. So, he tried to look for food. But, he didn’t want to get problem with Jon, who knew Garfield just finished his lasagna about a half hour ago.

Garfield knew very well that Odie always be a good reason to get what he want. It has been happened many times that Odie’s sincerity was used by Garfield and Garfield gained the profit on it.

So, Garfield asked Odie to play ball. Odie always loves to play ball. He was so excited. Garfield threw the ball and waited. Thereafter, Odie returned and brought the ball, on the plate of spaghetti. Garfield looked happy when he saw what Odie brought. Not the ball actually, but the spaghetti.

However, Jon was realized what actually happened. He came and accused Garfield as the actor behind what Odie did.

With his guile, Garfield avoided Jon’s accusation. He pretended that he only want to take the ball. And he threw the ball one more time. But inside his mind, Garfield planned another thing. He threw the ball toward a plate of garlic bread. Definitely, Odie will come and bring the ball, on the plate of garlic bread.

Jon knew there is something in Garfield’s mind. But he just stared quizzically.


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