06 September 2017

Writing 1 - Tugas 2 Writing Experience


Buatlah satu cerita narasi mengenai pengalaman Anda di waktu lampau.

Jangan lupa gunakan pola grammatika PAST TENSE (100-150 kata).

My Answer (To criticize, do it in comment!)

Sunday morning,

I spent special time with my husband and my children in response to the child’s complaint about my working schedule. We went to Ancol Theme Park and arrived at 07.00 o’clock. 

The kids were interested in bicycles, so we went to Bicycle Rental Shop near Atlantis. We took two bicycles with double seats. I used one with my son and my husband used the other one with my daughters. The kids enjoyed it so much. My oldest daughter took some funny pictures with her camera while I or her father rode the bike. We returned the bicycles at 08.00 o’clock.

My little daughter and my son swam in Beach Pool and I accompanied them. Meanwhile, my husband and my big daughter went to take some photos around the beach.They liked Beach Panorama view and wanted to create an album for it. 

At 09.00 o’clock, we looked for a restaurant. The restaurant is not far from Beach pool, so we just walked to get in there. My husband and children ordered Mie Bakso, but I opted to order Nasi Goreng. We ate, had a nice conversation and looked at some pictures of my daughter’s camera. Ultimately, we decided to go home by reason of the children tired.

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