06 September 2017

Writing 1 - Latihan Inisiasi 2

I’m (..a..) True Gentlemouse
Thea twirled her whiskers, peering into my face. “What’s the matter, Geronimo?” she said. “Usually I’m (..the...)one who wants to travel. I always have to drag you out of your mouse hole kicking and squeaking.”

“She’s right, Cousin,” Trap added. “Um, I think that helmet IS ROASTING YOUR LAST BRAIN CELL. Maybe you should pull the plug.”

I went to my closet. I pulled out my luggage. “I know what I’m doing! I am going, and I’m going right now! I cried. “Professor Von Volt needs my help! Unlike you two, I’m (..a...)true gentle mouse. I don’t need you!” Thea flicked her tail. “So you don’t need us, huh?” she smirked. Trap shook his head. His eyes twinkled. “HE SAYS HE DOESN’T NEED US,” he scoffed.

I picked up (....the.) phone. I’d show them, I decided. I’d be fine on my own. Nobody could stop me. “Please send (.a....)taxi to Number eight Mouseford Lane! Right away! I squeaked.

I raced into my bedroom. I stuffed (..a...)pair of warm pants, (..a.....) few sweaters, and (....a..)heavy winter jacket into my suitcase. “It’s very cold in (..the....)Himalayas,” I grumbled wrapping (...a....)wool scarf around my neck.

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