06 September 2017

Tugas Akhir Program - Tugas 1

Tugas 1
Dengan pengetahuan teoretis tentang analisis teks sumber yang Anda peroleh dari Buku Materi Pokok “Analisis Teks dalam Penerjemahan (BING4320)”, jawablah keempat pertanyaan berikut.
a)      Termasuk jenis teks apakah teks berikut?
Teks Eksposisi
b)     Apa tujuan dan fungsi sosial teks tersebut?
Tujuannya untuk menjelaskan atau memperdebatkan (argue) tentang sistem pengendalian senjata di negara Amerika, tema tersebut dapat ditelusuri pada judul artikel dan pada paragraf pertama sebagai pengantar: …because it went to the black heart of the gun-control debate: It’s not about guns. It’s about the government.
Dari fungsi sosialnya, penulis memposisikan dirinya sebagai orang ketiga (third person) yang sama sekali tidak terlibat dalam tema yang dijelaskan atau yang diperdebatkan.
c)      Identifikasi ciri-ciri linguistis teks tersebut.
Ciri-ciri linguistik
C o n t o h
Simple Present Tense
Present perfect tense
-        It’s not about guns.
-        The first is the conviction…
-        The second way the gun-control debate is about …
-        … what we have is the cratering of liberalism,…
-        Craig Whitney excavates the fact that in 1969…
-        The name itself shows how far things have come.
-        The NRA’s remedy for the (still) rare school shooting is to arm ..
-        Eisenhower report is now much greater, … the Second Amendment is more …
-        The gun argument has drifted
-        Much has changed since then
-        the debacle has been complete
modal auxiliaries
Can, could, would,
Action verb
Kill, injure, break in, take away, called
Thinking verb
Thought, proclaimed, seems
Recently, precisely, certainly, easily, comply, actually, deeply, truly
Laughable, black, better, mysterious, frightening, vertiginious, silly, vast, far, sturdy, sensible, rare
Technical term
gun-control, Holocaust, Rifle, assault-weapons, constitutional rights, left-wing radical, Rorschached, shootings, Handgun Control, liberal agenda, Prevent Gun Violence, Supreme Court, Second Amandment, NRA’s remedy
General & abstract noun
Assertion, conviction, power, constitutional rights, the belief, crime, race, ethnicity, the vertiginous feeling, a collection of tribes, the cratering of liberalims, fear, the nation, intention.
After, so, because, that, when, which, but, as, so that,

d)     Identifikasi struktur/tata organisasi teks tersebut.
1)      Thesis:
That assertion, so a historical as to be almost laughable, stopped me in my tracks because it went to the black heart of the gun-control debate: It’s not about guns. It’s about the government.
2)      Argumen
·         The first is the conviction that guns are needed to protect Americans from their own government.
·         The second way the gun-control debate is about government relates to crime, the belief that the government is either unwilling or unable to protect us.
·         All across the nation in recent days, political leaders have declared their intention to rein in guns, but all they have done actually is signal defeat
·         The liberal agenda once included confiscating handguns and abolishing the right to own one
·         The goal of handgun control, not to mention elimination, is now out of the question.
·         a Milton Eisenhower-type call to seize all the guns would have been met with derision.
3)      Kesimpulan atau rekomendasi
·         The gun argument has drifted so far to the right that the question now is whether employers can prohibit their employees from bringing a gun to work
·         With the Supreme Court’s permission, America armed itself — the 24million handguns cited in the 1969 Eisenhower report is now much greater, a danger posing as a deterrent, and the Second Amendment is more strictly interpreted than even the First.

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