15 Maret 2016

The Land Of Fog (2) : Get Along With The Shocks

Another letter from our good friend (Peggy)


Dearest My lovely friends,

Everyday is much better now... the date has been set up, as soon as the meeting finish and all work acceptable, I am going to return.

If you asked me about this town, where should I start? The culture shock is happened everyday and every aspect in my life.

Oke, first... here is the town where the elderly always be respected by the younger. The age difference even only 2-3 years will make some space for what the honbae doing to sunbae. The one that ever happen in Indonesia and now getting dissapear. Then... the first time they saw me, they call me Miss...  bcause only the manager knew my age. But after the translator guide explained that I am married and telling my age, some of them looked so suprise. I just felt like flying in the sky, when they said I am just like 27-30 years old. Hahaha... Then after that, everyone in the company always greet me like meeting with a granny. Aaargh!! Do you know why? Because I am the oldest in this team. Come on!!

Another story is much interested. We came on winter. My nose bled many times and even it isn’t happen, it always watering. I just find out that not much people here taking a bath in the morning. They just wash their face and do their activities without feeling strange. My friends have no problem with that new lifestyle anyway. They even enjoy it so much. But for me, it was the problem. I couldnt sleep and get out from my room without guilty feeling. At our first guest house the water was too cold... although the owner said it was quiet warm. I cant take a bath, or even wash my face. I tried a few times, but my nose kept bleeding so if all my friends warming the water to get their coffee or tea, I did it to wash or take a bath. Now I know that I miss my warm country. Luckily we moved out because the manager worried to much after seeing my bleeding nose... lol... lol... maybe his brain calculate how much the insurance money is...

Then... food. Because I cant eat the food here, I cooked by myself. Every 2-3 days, I am going out to a market with the 2nd guest house owner’s wife. Ms. Kim. She is the nicest woman here. She can speak Malay and English better than her hubby, so she is much helpful. I was very suprise when she bought the dried fish(or shrimps? Or squids?) and some dried sea animals (don’t asked me what they are because when the seller said it is worm, it is a blood whatever... I just run away as soon as possible)... Ms. Kim ate it first!!! She gave me some... but I refused it as polite as I can. I really wanted to throw up everytime she ate some of it in front of me. Uugh!!

But really, here is the market very clean. Everyone always clean their trash. Ms. Kim said that there is a regulation to clean their own trash, if not follow, somebody else will report and it means problem.

Oh ya, I remember something. If you came here, dont ever make a problem. Especially for public regulation. It is quite... ribet. When I arrived here in the first week, some neighbors had complained about the park area. The other guests from countryside took their park area, so the police (or maybe some government worker) came to the house. It made me affraid because they looked me from the head to the toe. I called my team (they came out to sightseeing the town at the night) and our agent here when that uniform man started asking the owner about me. But when they came hastily, I already laughed with that man... who knows that he has a brother who worked and lived in Indonesia, to the company. He can speak Bahasa Indonesia... very well than you are!

Beside of the food, the culture or the nature... I tried to get along with the human’s habit here. Just like Japanese, they are so discipline but quite love with the drinking lifestyle. Every nite, I saw many men walking like a zombie or even sleeping on the street and nobody care. Note... I have no enough brave to walking alone, so I just saw them from the guest house’s or the car’s window. Too scary!

My lovely friends, not like what I know from the drama or what people said before... the people here respected on my religion. They gave me so many free times to do praying, even It more that 5 times. Sometimes when they wanted to invite me to the shooting project or studio, first thing they asked is my praying time. Alhamdulillah, I have no problem to do it. Even so difficult to find mushola or mosque here. I just struggling again... with the climate.

If I write again... and again... the story will never end. The habits like touching, showing the respect (bowing), giving the money to the kids, or the experiences while walking though han river, seeing the fountain, small music concert, the bridge... and many more. I just visited some of the most visited place near the guest house when they pushed me. I thought all my member’s team already went to Nami or even Namsan. I dont like to visit far place. Too crowded, too cold... and I dont have money to pay anyway... I am looking for money here, not for spending it. I attached some pictures for you. Don’t attach to the post anyway. It will be paid pictures later.

So... that’s it for now... Hopefully everything is good in Indonesia. ( The public letter end here...)


Miss you and lovely Jakarta so much...

From the land of fog, the kulkas country

Your friend.

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