12 Maret 2016

Report From The Land of Fog : Being The Professional Worker

Surat dari seseorang untuk orang-orang yang ia sayangi di Jakarta.... (Peggy)

To my friends...

The coolest day in my life...

As usual, I called my children by skype... oh Masya Allah, I missed them so much. More than two weeks after I can't hold, kiss and talk directly to them.

Hari ini masih seperti biasa di sini, kabut, dingin dan orang-orang berkulit terang yang selalu memandang dengan canggung pada hijab. pekerjaan juga masih begitu-begitu saja. No progress. I don't know what I should do, too tired to think because I don't even think that this project will have a problem.

Bener kata orang, I should have counted what they thought,  not by my culture, but their culture. #sigh. It is really hard, because what they want I can't make here... my vitamin, my inspiration, and my love is my children. And go far from them put me as the dumbest person.

Being the professional it isn't easy, guys... it is really hard. When you are a woman, you will go to your heart first. Then if you a mother, you will go not only to your heart but the whole body include the brain, that should be thinking clearly. 

Actually, when I arrived here... everything is quite good and smooth. All of my work documents that I did in Jakarta was acceptable by their agent. But after look for the origin, now I know there were some differences. So, as the professional worker, I told them to do a little changing for some reasons.

BUT, it was before I realize how difficult to face the culture shock. Come on, how difficult to find halal food here, hah?? The more I tried, the more I realized how much wonderful Indonesia is...

It was the same with my works too... the simple change became more and more. Gak ada ujungnya. Ok, they had paid everything on me and my team. Tapi ini beratnya di hati banget #cried. 

Maybe the manager realized that, and he talked to me today. I tried not mention about the family, but it wasn't work, I just said everything. I couldn't work or think or even eat properly because I never go far away from my family more than 3 days. And all of two weeks are more than enough to say I want to return.

The manager promised me to talk with their company directors because he understood as Asian just like him, the family is always number one. Before he promised it, he tried to find a solution. Bring your family here, we will take after them, but I said, saya gak bisa. My children have no holidays, and my husband has to go to work. 

Then this afternoon, before I go to sleep, the Manager and my team leader call me, they gave me what they called the only solution. They will make all photos and videos as per my guidances. I will bring it back to Jakarta and their agent will help me to let the company know if I need more. They will open ticket back to Jakarta and as soon as I can fix the biggest problem here, I may return. OMG, They like me, and they have been felt how much efforts that I gave to them. They wanted to me to handle another project, but I don't need to stay here anymore as long as I can give them a good solution for it. I don't know how many kamsahamida I mentioned before hanging up the phone.

Tonight I finished all. I can't sleep anyway. I am too excited. Saya cuma mau finishing this project as soon as I can. Miraculously, I finished it after 6 hrs!! Something strange, but it happened.

Now, I am packing. I knew you will say I am stupid. But I don't care. I am not going to holiday here. I am a professional worker and I am not enjoying anything here except my works. Who will know the mother like me can do something like this? I brought some 'oleh-oleh' from here while working. But my special gift for someone special, My girl will be screaming like crazy #lol

I learned many things... one of it, is:

(Translating, Peggy. Red.) Kamu bisa jadi profesional, selama kamu bekerja dengan sungguh-sungguh. Tapi ketika kamu tak mampu, perbaiki masalahnya dengan berterus terang apa adanya apa yang kamu butuhkan untuk menjadi profesional. Karena untuk menghasilkan sesuatu yang indah dan menyentuh, jadilah manusia yang punya perasaan dan hati nurani dulu.


Your friends in the Land of Fog.

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