20 Desember 2013

The Effect of Free Style Telling Story

Dear my Diary....

Today is time to get the school report of Ade Fira.

I just love it!! I got so many wonderful report about Ade's behavior, attitude and her test results. Ade is one of the star in her class,A1.

Alhamdulillah, she has many talents but her teacher said "When Fira cried, it is difficult to us to persuade her. She is too intimate with you, Mom. and that's why when you deliver her to school, she always cry like a baby."

I cant said anything. No reason, except one thing. I love her and I can't say or do something hard to her. Yes, I know. It is wrong. But Ade is all in my heart. As long as her intimation doesn't too much, I will always do same. I am going to teach how to live independent, but later.

One more...
The teacher said when she was told a story to all the children in the class about fairy tale story, Fira has her own story. She likes to develop the plot of story and sometimes it will end so funny.

I am not  a mother who has time to telling the story every night. I choose to do it when I think my children especially Ade, ready to hear it. When they looked happy, when our quality time or even after dinner, before sleeping time. We didn't do it on the bed only. Sometimes we did in family room, sometimes in the living room, sometimes when we went to restaurant or mall.

Nothing can stop us when we want to have fun. I used the clapping balloon as my sword to do as my hero character, or even the spoon. I love to telling them the story that always happy ending or funny scene, with many kind sounds or even a song. I did the fairy tale telling with free style. I like interactive audiences so I always tried to build their imagination to feel and see like me.
I love to see their smiles and laugh when hearing my story. Even Kakak, who already in seventh class still love to joining with us. 

I love writing, I love to making story. That is why I want my kids, feeling what I like. Kakak was started her new hobby using computer and wrote many kind stories. Abang was started to draw his story in a big page of drawing paper and Ade.... she loves to play with everything as a drama, don't be confuse when you see her play with some pens as characters.

Just happy. Today I am a happy mother. With all school reports from my children, I know I have the best children in the world.