21 Desember 2012


I am sorry…

If I never with you… always.

If I do not listen to you… sometimes

If I hurt you… even I don’t realize

If I made you tired… even you never say it

Thank you…

For every love that you give to me… with a thousand ways.

For every drop of your sweat, for your support, the spirit you share with me.

For all birthday gifts, all appreciations for every new step of my achievement, and every prayer for all my dreams.

Remember all of those… makes me have to say

Thanks, Allah, to gave me the best mother in the world”

There is no any treasure that can pay for all loves and affections you give for me… nothing, even if I collect all golds in this earth. Your love is too precious…

Help me, Mama…

With your prayer, so I can be like you. The best mother and wife that I ever know…

A warrior, strong and patient woman.

Because you are my life’s inspiration. One and only you…

I love you, Ma….

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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